The Deer Milker

NZ Deer Cheese Delivery

Deer milk cheese is a rare and luxurious treat, offering a unique taste and texture unlike any other dairy product.

The higher fat and protein content of deer milk results in a rich, creamy mouthfeel and a delicate sweetness.

In 2016, when red deer were first milked in South Canterbury, Paul Fitzsimons from Geraldine Cheese began his journey to become the creator of the world’s first deer milk cheese.

Paul makes deer milk Gouda (a more crumbly texture) and Havarti (a softer cheese). Aged for two years, his hard yet crumbly gouda, has unique musky tones, with crunchy calcium lactate crystals that gives the cheese an amazing texture.

Though production is limited due to the challenges of milking deer, the distinct flavor and nutritional benefits of deer milk cheese have attracted the attention of discerning cheese lovers and adventurous chefs worldwide.

The Cheese Wheel is proud to share Paul’s unique deer milk cheeses across New Zealand.



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