Cilantro Cheese

NZ Artisan goat cheese


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Cilantro makes nutritious milk and multi award-winning artisanal cheese

Originally established by Monica Senna Salerno and Jenny Oldham in a home kitchen, Cilantro Cheese has had many iterations since 2008. With Suli Laomahei as cheesemaker and operations manager, and a small facility on the AgResearch campus, Cilantro continues to make stand-out cheeses and fresh goat milk for customers across the North Island.

Cilantro now has a sustainable supply of quality milk from a local GE-free goat farm and has undergone a refresh. Consolidating their product range enables Suli to perfect each recipe, and working in small batches and making to order means quality control at every aspect of production.  Cilantro is now MPI certified for export, Halal certified and available for contract manufacturing, including organic.

Sustainability and maintaining a low carbon footprint are a core part of doing business for Cilantro. No preservatives or stabilisers are added at any stage. The whey is used as a food supplement by a local organic, free-range pig farmer, and with that goat farm literally down the road, ingredient sourcing has never been so sustainable.

Some of their cheeses are ready to be eaten immediately, others are matured on-site to enable them to develop the distinctive flavours and texture unique to Cilantro. They’re focused on their popular chevre logs and an extraordinary cajeta (caramelised goat milk) for now, but a harder cheese marinated in a range of flavoured oils (Chilli, Four Peppers, and Basil & Mixed Herbs) is currently in test production, scheduled to be out to market in October (2023). The next phase of development for Cilantro is goat and sheep butters, with market-testing commencing shortly.

Cilantro has won multiple awards since 2011, and is looking to continue that high performance into the future.

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