Cheese and Beer pairing

Artisan Cheese and craft Beer

Cheese and Beer Pairing, a marriage made in heaven.

We love Cheese and Beer pairing and have run many events around this theme, including our popular Wellington On A Plate events. When pairing artisan cheeses with craft beers there’re many angles to enjoy:

  • Consider the intensity of the flavors. Pair lighter beers with milder cheeses, and stronger beers with more flavorful cheeses. For example, a light and crisp pilsner would go well with a fresh mozzarella, while a dark and robust porter would pair well with a sharp cheddar.
  • Think about the sweetness and acidity of the beer. Sweeter beers can help to balance out the saltiness of cheese, while acidic beers can help to cut through the richness of cheese. For example, a fruity saison would go well with a goat cheese, while a sour ale would pair well with a blue cheese.
  • Pay attention to the bitterness of the beer. Bitter beers can accentuate the bitterness of some cheeses, so it’s important to choose a beer with a bitterness that complements the cheese. For example, a hoppy IPA would not be a good choice for a mild cheese, but it would pair well with a stronger cheese like a gouda.
  • Consider the aroma of the beer. The aroma of the beer can also be a factor in the pairing. For example, a beer with a strong hop aroma would not be a good choice for a cheese with a delicate flavor, but it would pair well with a cheese with a more assertive flavor

To know more, we suggest Geoff Grigg’s article about the fantastic combination of beer and cheese. Enjoy this Stuff News article, link here.

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