Craft cheeses around Aotearoa

NZ washed-rind cheese

This is the whey – A taste of small-scale craft cheeses around Aotearoa.

We’re thrilled to have worked with the team at Air NZ Kia Ora Magazine to showcast some of our New Zealand small cheese makers. We are very lucky in NZ to have access to good quality grass and milk, which combined with robust cheese making techniques, bless us with access to amazing NZ-made artisan cheese.

New Zealand cheese makers have a long and proud tradition, dating back to the early days of European settlement. Today, there are over 300 cheesemakers in New Zealand, producing a wide variety of cheeses, from cheddar and brie to feta and blue cheese. New Zealand cheesemakers are known for their innovation and creativity, and they are constantly experimenting with new flavors and techniques – which you get to enjoy in The Cheese Wheel monthly cheese boxes.

Importing cheese is no longer needed for NZ cheese lovers and foodies! We believe it is time for us all to enjoy proper boutique NZ made cheese, time to support our local cheese makers who work hard every day to share their passion, and time to stop importing goods from the other side of the world.

Read more on the Air NZ Kia Ora website here.

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