7 Reasons Baked Cheese Is Good For Your Health

Baked cheese

Dietitian Sarah Ryan shares the health benefits of adding baked cheese into your diet in this enjoyable and informative article from The Big Moo Cheese.

“There’s something wonderful about baked cheese. Alone or with other dishes, baked cheese often makes an appearance on my plate. As a dietitian, I love cheese’s powerful nutrient package. As a foodie, I love the versatility and variety of cheese. Beyond the great taste, it also does the body good.​

Cheese pairs well with other healthy foods. I have to be honest – I’m a sucker for a piece of sharp cheddar and a great glass of red wine. OK fine, I’m a sucker for cheese with just about anything. And that’s the point I’m trying to make. Baked cheese is an easy accompaniment to meals and snacks. Cubes of pepper jack with sweet grapes, freshly grated Parmesan over roasted cauliflower, smoky Gouda with whole-grain crackers – cue mouths watering.”

Full article available here.

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