Jones Family Farm

Jones Family Farm Cheese

Tracey and Matt Jones started their sheep milk and cheese operation after looking around for alternatives to cows’ milk that were causing allergy problems in their family.

They farm East Friesian, Lacaune and Manech tête rousse sheep at Kirwee in between the Waimakariri and the Rakaia Rivers near Darfield on the Canterbury plains. East Friesians are the go-to sheep for milking, but they have crossbred them with the Manech from the Pyrenees and the Laucune from the south of France to increase the protein and nutrient content.

Tracey grew up on a sheep farm in nearby Methven and Matt has worked with sheep since he was 16. Tracey had always had gut problems, and when one of their three daughters, Annabelle, Gabrielle and Samantha, also started to struggle they decided to do some research. They found that sheep milk and sheep milk cheese was gentle on the stomach for people who are lactose-intolerant, with higher levels of amino acids. Sheep have been farmed in the region since 1843 and are known to flourish there.

Tracey and Matt are committed to an environmentally-friendly approach to farming and animal husbandry. They are on a mission to be an affordable and respected supplier of fresh sheep milk, and sheep milk cheese across New Zealand and Australia (so far they’re producing goudas, cheddar and Havarti). They want to educate people so more can enjoy the benefits of sheep milk cheese and recognise the value of a natural approach. Like many rural families, the family is active in the community supporting local sport and educating rural and urban kids about real food production, environmental sustainability and animal welfare.

We are proud to have Jones Family Farm in our Cheese Wheel community.

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