Cheese box 8 –
April 20

We at The Cheese Wheel wish you well in this uncertain time of Covid-19 and lockdown period across our country.
Please look after you and yours.

We will continue to do our best to bring you great cheese and to support our smaller cheese makers. We will also do what is safer for us all as a community so please bear with us in these changing times.

Due to the current circumstances, your April cheese box:

  • Has been delivered to you slightly earlier – to ensure you did get some cheese in the uncertain period.
  • Contains only 3 cheeses – due to delivery challenges with our cheese makers. We will add your missing cheese in your next box.
  • Misses your usual cheese stories – but we are only an email or post away if you’d like to know more about this box’s cheeses.

Take care.

The Cheese Wheel team.

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